March 20, 2013

I've taken a time out

trying to deal with, well, my life!  I have another long post drafted about college strategies and suggestions but I'm not done with it yet.  Boy, I feel like I could write a book about it all!  

MUCH stress was relieved last Friday afternoon, though, when J got accepted into CUNY's Macaulay Honors College at Hunter.  It's a very selective program, and it took a few days for me to process that his acceptance was actually real.  The program itself is very unique and comes with lots of perks - free tuition for all four years, free housing (a single!) in mid-Manhattan for the first two years (then we'd have to pay for the last two years), free laptop, $7500 to use towards study abroad or internship experiences, priority class registration every semester, special interdisciplinary seminars that revolve around the culture of NYC, and a "cultural passport" that provides free or low-cost admission into over 100 places in NYC.  Especially with his being a musician, what an amazing, incomparable opportunity for him!  We're going down in a few weeks for accepted students day and a dinner hosted by the college president, and I'm super excited!  It seems to me like his going there is a no-brainer, and I hope he ends up seeing it that way too.  Oh, yeah, and the dorm he'd live in?  In addition to the standard kitchen facilities and lounges, it has a snack bar, gymnasium with basketball court, indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, courtyard, and tennis courts!

Health-wise, things are remaining stable.  My days continue to revolve around chicken feet broth, super-incubated homemade yogurt, and raw honey, but I usually eat one "normal" meal a day and I've been doing pretty well with that.  One funny thing has happened though.  The kids are discovering the glory of my special foods!  I used to be okay with making one batch of yogurt a week, but now I need to make two because J(17) and S(7) love it so much too.  And of course, now they also add the raw honey to theirs.  But the most hysterical thing is that B(9) and S(7) are really into the broth now!  They want to drink a cup of it before school each morning.  Why?  Well. . . because they say it gives them energy.  Hey, that's what I said!  Remember?!  It really is amazing.  Try it, and you will see too!  I love that they're drinking it because I think it is SO healthy but at the same time am a little concerned about how much of it I'm going to have to start making if THREE of us are drinking it on a daily basis.  It is super time-consuming to make!  And making double batches is going to take up A LOT of space in the refrigerator and freezer.  Oh well - I'm tickled pink that my kids are so into eating well!

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