January 31, 2013

The number on the scale

Usually I get a reprieve at nighttime, and I try to pretend like nothing is wrong.  Not so last night.  It was a rough night, and today started out with a very rough morning.  

Before I started having children, my weight was very steady, but over the course of bearing four babies, it seemed to always be in a state of fluctuation.  After the fourth, we decided we weren't going to have any more, and I realized it was time to get my body back as closely as I could to its pre-baby shape.  I settled very nicely back in at 111 pounds.  I weigh myself every day after showering, and probably 98% of the time, the scale says 111.  Not this morning.  This morning, the scale said 105.  I weighed myself several times with the scale in different places, I checked the scale's calibration with a known weight, I had my husband weigh himself to see if his weight was right.  Still, when I stood on it, it said 105.  

Now perhaps at a different time, I might think that was pretty neat.  Not at this time though.  I've been working very hard to maintain my weight through this, and I've done a good job with it.  Even so, I've realized that if we weren't able to get some resolution, eventually I would start losing weight, and I had hoped that was something we could avoid.  Apparently, I'm going to go there anyway.


  1. Hi Teresa! Glad your here! I miss you on FB already! I'm sorry you had a bad night and sorry you've lost some weight. Can you drink any kind high calorie drinks or shakes that are easy on the system?
    If you click on my name you can see my blog. I blog a little about everything :)

  2. You know what? Today at work, a friend suggested the same thing! I think I'm going to try that and see how it works. I'm excited about reading your blog! Once I get settled in, my intent is to blog a little about everything too. :) So happy to be writing back and forth with you again!!