February 8, 2013

A new way to enjoy a cup of tea?

While perusing Reader's Digest and enjoying a nice warm sitz bath with epsom salts??!  Hee hee, how odd certain parts of my life have become!  Another repeat tip from the support forums, frequent sitz baths with epsom salts are supposed to bring relief and aid in the healing process of ulcers very low in the GI tract.  So, once again, what the hell?  Why not give it a shot?  There aren't any side effects, and if it doesn't end up working, at least I will have enjoyed some nice hot tea in quiet.  :)

Another day of the funky chicken soup, lots of green tea with "really raw" honey, and super-incubated homemade yogurt with the same "really raw" honey.  I'm now starting to eat cottage cheese (fermented - that's supposed to be good) as well.  Um, and I suppose I have to admit that I snuck in a chocolate peanut butter cup.  I know it was a dangerous move, but I just couldn't resist!  NO abdominal pain.  

(By the way, that honey is DELICIOUS!  Regardless of whether or not you're ill, I definitely recommend you try it.  I was surprised that it's even noticeably better than ordinary raw, unfiltered honey.  A real treat!)  

I'm reluctant to be too optimistic because I've repeatedly been there before only to have things go downhill again fast, but I can't help but be hopeful that something good may actually be happening.  Time seems to be super warped.  It's so easy for me to think I may truly be getting better, whatever that may mean - just finding foods that will work with this condition, going into remission, or my body resetting itself back to normal (at least for now, I have to continue believing that last one is a possibility).  I feel like celebrating, and then a certain very practical and very special friend will say "T, it's been two days".  Oh yeah, that's not very long, is it?  But somehow it feels like weeks instead of days!  And this time it's been three whole days in a row that I've felt decently normal and had energy!!  (Except for that new rectal issue, but whatever, at least that doesn't make me fear I may actually die.)

The snow storm finally arrived, so we'll see how much snow we get tonight and tomorrow morning.  I hope enough to give us a good excuse to have a super lazy day tomorrow!

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