February 24, 2013

Okay, so I'm probably a little obsessed. . .

but this stock has become such a critical part of my life it's hard for me to NOT be slightly obsessed with it!  LOL

The not-so-appetizing what's-strained-out
(look closely and find a couple toe tips with nails and a lovely swath of ripped skin,
and this isn't even half of what gets strained out -
there were three more feet (or feet remains, at least- ha ha) and a partial carcass!)

And the oh-so-appetizing finished product - just like liquid gold, I tell you!

Perhaps it's clear why I now just drink the broth rather than try to salvage as many of the solids to eat as I can.  It's quite time-consuming to sort through all of the solids and too easy to miss some of the things I'd really prefer not end up in my bowl, much less in my mouth!  The only things I pick out are the large chunks of chicken, and those I save for the big 4-legger.


  1. Oh, that top picture is just AWFUL! I'm so glad the end product is making you better, Teresa...the process cannot be fun, though! Blech! Sue

    1. But doesn't the bottom picture make the top one worth it?! It may look weird, but it sure does make the house smell great!