February 6, 2013

All that training has come in handy

Several people have told me that they can't believe, on outward appearances anyway, how well I've been handling all of this.  I don't think I'm particularly strong, brave, or stoic.  I do think I've received some pretty good training and preparation.  Four natural childbirths helps you learn how to deal with pain.  And I don't have just the four natural childbirthing experiences to draw from; I have four labor preparation classes to draw from as well.  Yep, four.  We attended labor preparation classes for each one of the children.  I don't think my husband ever realized that most people don't do that, that most people sign up for one series and maybe an abbreviated refresher course.  Not us.  I wanted to spend as much special time preparing for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th children as we did for the 1st.  I also figured I would learn something new in each class, and I did.  So I just kept signing us up, and DH just kept attending with me.

At the time, I don't think I ever considered that all of that training would come in handy for anything other than childbearing.  But I really think it has.  When I'm in pain, I do a mighty fine job at closing my eyes, focusing, breathing slowly, and releasing tension in the area that is tight as a knot. 

Anyway, yesterday and today, I ate my special soup and homemade yogurt with NO abdominal pain whatsoever.  Eating without pain has been wonderful!  Something we all tend to take for granted, but something I no longer do.  And I haven't had tissue loss for several days.  Yay!

Of course, to continue with the freakiness of all of this, I'm dealing with a new development.  I am quite certain that now I have either proctitis (rectal ulcers and inflammation), which is colitis' cousin, or slightly less likely an anal yeast infection (which could have resulted from being on antibiotics for FIVE weeks).  It's pretty miserable.  My poor body has stopped spewing pretty white chunks of tissue (from the colitis) and has started spewing ugly lagoons of bloody mucous.  One time, I was lying down resting and it just started streaming out of me.  Before, something like that surely would have caused great alarm.  Now, I'm so resigned that I simply sigh and say "ooo-kaaay".  Sometimes it is so intensely sore and swollen that I wonder if it's possible for a rectum to burst.  I'm trying to think positively - that perhaps whatever has been happening in my body is in the process of moving OUT, but I'll wait for time to tell, I guess.

No, I'm not calling the doctor at this point.  Unless they end up telling me I have colon or rectal cancer, I'm going to try doing as much as I can on my own.  I've done lots of reading, and I'm going to proceed treating myself as if it's proctitis and yeast, and at least getting relief from either of these conditions seems to be generally more promising than it does from IBD.

TMI?  Occassionally, it feels like too much information for me too!  I have a much more intimate relationship with my colon and rectum than I ever thought possible.  It's not a relationship I was looking to forge.  

And now. . .I'm off to make my tea - my special Brassica green tea with supposed special antioxidant SGS extracted from broccoli, topped off with some "really raw" honey that went straight from the hive to the jar.  I'd be so sad without my tea!


  1. Wow, I can't believe you went to all four birthing classes. I actually had natural births too, but not by choice. I had an epideral with my first but it didn't work at all and so I hesitated with my second son. When back labor started and my husband was getting lunch in the cafeteria, I said let's get the drugs but they didn't work again. That is what scares me if I ever need anesthesia, I am afraid it won't work or I won't wake up. Anyway, I am glad to hear those classes came in handy. I too cannot believe you are still functioning like you are. I am such a wimp that I would have been in the ER days ago. And I cannot believe you ate those "things" in the soup. My gag reflex is way too high to even attempt to try that. You go girl, you will figure this out.

    1. Hmmm, that's scary, Jill. Were we FB friends when I had my hysterectomy? I can't remember. I had an epidural for it rather than general anesthesia, and that would have been pretty horrific if it hadn't taken properly. Jeepers - I am really going to be hoping that you never need anesthesia!!

  2. I sooooo wanted a natural birth and didn't get to have one :( And with my daughter I had a spinal that didn't work right so I FELT some of the c-section! I alerted them IMMEDIATELY and then begged them not to put me under. They didn't but gave local anesthetic and morphine!
    I have had a similar experience, but I didn't know there was a name for it, proctitis.... Maybe mine wasn't as severe but it was awful, like I never wanted to have to "go" again. Even washing in the shower was excruciating :(

    1. because nobody wants to feel part of a c-section! That's terrible! :(((

      And now I have a zillion questions for you. What do you think triggered your proctitis (nice word, eh?)? What did you do to help it go away? How long did you have it? Was it just once - did it go away and never come back? Did you see a doctor about it? Did you also have all of that bloody mucous? I hope you never have to deal with it again, but just in case, keep it tucked in the back of your mind that the sitz bath does seem to be providing me with some relief.