February 3, 2013

What did I see? What did I see?

I saw one of most amazing people ever - Lisa - looking at me!

I LOVED my session at the yoga studio this morning!  It was a wonderful hour and a half!  We started with body sensing yoga, which lucky for me is a very low key form of yoga.  I didn't feel out of place or behind at all.  After that, we laid on the floor cocooned in between two warm, heavy wool blankets with a nice pillow under our knees and yoga eye bags on our faces for a deep, long guided meditation.  I was so relaxed that for the entire 40 minutes, I didn't need to shift or move my body one single millimeter.  I could have stayed like that all day!!

My sanctuary:
Immediately my mind went to camping on the shore of Lake Champlain.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  My toes were sinking in the nice warm sand, and I was watching my children play in the water.

My serious:
When Benny was a newborn and the doctor incorrectly read his blood test results, telling us that he definitely had Cystic Fibrosis.  Fortunately, he doesn't (he's a carrier), but until we realized she was mistaken, things around here were awfully serious.  Thank goodness it was only a couple of days. 

My funny:
Laughing hysterically with Lisa.  Thinking about the night we climbed onto the roof of Clarkson's gymnasium.  We were having such a good time right up until we heard the police calling to us through their megaphone to "come off the roof now".  We ran and ran across the roof and jumped off the other side, but we got caught anyway.  We didn't get into trouble because we were students there, but her brother and his friend got brought to the police station.  We went down to get them, but they were already gone.  We looked all over town and ended up finding them in a bar!  Ugh.  At the time, it most certainly was NOT funny.  But oh, how funny does it seem now.

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