February 9, 2013

Chicken soup and superheroes

I'm hungry, so what will it be - a bowl of the funky chicken soup, a jar of super-incubated homemade yogurt with raw honey, or a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese?  Ha ha ha. 

A few days ago, someone at work said to me "you're going to get really tired of that soup".  I said "no way!  I'm just so happy to be able to eat something with substance."  Okay, perhaps he was right.  It's not that I don't like the soup.  I really, really do.  But eating the same soup for six days straight for nearly all of your meals does lead one to long for something else - something more solid, something crunchy.  

I've figured out that the inclusion of the chicken feet is for the large amount of collagen in them that breaks down into gelatin - good for rebuilding damaged tissue, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is generally readily accepted by your body.  Even without the feet, chicken carcasses apparently have quite a bit of collagen, and this is part of the reason chicken soup is called Jewish penicillin.  <shrug>  Who knew that fun fact??!   I'm learning so many tidbits of information!

a neat read I found about chicken broth/stock/soup in general - and how funny that the book highlighted is the one a friend just happened to give me a week or so ago to read!

With the feet, though, there's supposed to be, oh, so much more collagen to help with healing and general well-being.  I'm planning to go to GreenMarket tomorrow, and I hope Chris remembers to bring some for me.  I was supposed to send her an e-mail reminder this past Wednesday or Thursday, but silly me forgot.  I wonder if mine will look like this picture.  I wonder if I'm supposed to prep the feet at all before I put them in the pot.  Hmmm, I wonder. . .

The awesome body sensing yoga / meditation class I went to last Sunday has been cancelled for tomorrow.  Shoot!  Yesterday, they cancelled all of the weekend classes, presumably because of the impending storm.  We didn't get hit as hard as they predicted, and things (you know, like the roads) are completely fine, so it probably didn't need to be cancelled.  Hindsight is always 20/20. . .  I found a meditation class being offered at a different place, though, so I might try to drop in at that one.  I will miss the body sensing, but it will definitely be much better than nothing.

I'm going to get settled in now with my littlest fella to watch The Avengers.  Yes, we did watch it last weekend as well, but can you ever get too much of superheroes?  I think not.  That's why we also watched Thor and Captain America last weekend.  And Dark Knight Rises last night.  :)

I wonder if superheroes eat chicken soup.  I bet they do.


  1. Teresa, are you feeling a tiny bit better? Your tone here makes it seem so! Please keep the colonoscopy/biopsy appt on Thursday, even if you are, okay? XO Sue

    1. I'm actually feeling more than a tiny bit better! I'm certainly not back to normal, but eating all of the soup and yogurt has really restored my energy and calmed my body down. I'm sorry, but I did not keep my appointment. :/ I'll write about that though. I love seeing your son, but I wish I could see you as often too! :)

  2. Haven't heard from you in a while, how is everything? Aren't you supposed to get a colonoscopy soon? I have been taking some of your advice and taking those epsom salt baths, I have these terrible hemorroids from pushing so much during childbirth and they flare up sometimes. I must say, I really like those baths. It's ten minutes by myself in the bathtub without interruption. Hope you are doing ok!

    1. Yay!! I love that you love your epsom salt baths! They're amazing, aren't they? I really do wish more people talked about these kinds of things. I've done okay this week, including trying to get more rest in the evenings by not spending much time on the computer. ;-)