February 9, 2013

Oh airlines, oh airlines. . .

 Baggage fees were last year worth more than $3.3 billion to the U.S. aviation industry alone.

Sometimes I wonder how stupid some business executives think we are.  Extra charges for checked baggage, extra charges for carry-ons, extra charges for being able to pick a seat, extra charges for early check-in, extra charges for purchasing with a credit or debit card (how many people buy an airline ticket with cash or check?!.  They'd like us to believe they're simply "unbundling" their services, so customers only pay for the ones they choose to use.  I think I'd respect them more if they came out and said "we're doing this because we're desperate for more money".  Who gets screwed the most?  Families.  Especially families with young children. That's what irks me the most.

"In baseball stadiums, for example, you pay different prices for obstructed and unobstructed views.  This is now the same with airlines."  Um, okay.  Isn't that thinking why there was already a choice between first class, business class, and coach?  I cannot possibly be the only layperson who thinks they're going totally overboard with their logic.

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