February 5, 2013

"Does sleeping seem to help?"

That's what my husband just asked me.  I worked all day, came home, and was asleep by 6:30 PM.  I'm up now for a few minutes to basically get ready to go back to bed.  "Does sleeping seem to help?"  It does in that I'm not awake to deal with this.  Is that help?  I'm not sure.

Rotten day.  I did eat some soup for breakfast and lunch and some homemade yogurt with "really raw" honey for dinner.  Terrible day nonetheless.  I continue to be dismayed that my immune system / large intestine / whatever is acting in such a way that is totally against my well-being, and doing so in such a severe manner.

Frustrated that most people don't seem to process how sick I am  They still talk to me like I have a lingering cold.  I suppose because it's a bit of an anomaly for a seemingly healthy person to suddenly have a serious medical issue.  Frustrating nonetheless.  Someone recently said to me "Have you ever had a hemorrhoid?  Are you sure you just don't have a hemorrhoid?"  Yeah, I'm pretty sure.   


  1. {{{Teresa}}} I know exactly what you mean! My appendix had burst and I had someone ask me if I was just constipated...........
    VERY annoying! to say the least! I hope this rotten day is behind you and better days have come :)

    1. Don't you think that if it weren't so frustrating and unbelievable, it would almost be comical? One of my organs literally burst inside of me, but perhaps you're right - maybe I just need to go to the bathroom. It's very difficult to have something so serious minimized by presumably well-intentioned dodos.

      I have to tell you, though, that you worry me when you talk about the medical issues you've had. It seems like you've certainly had more than your fair share, and I feel so badly about that. Any more hysterectomy talk/consideration?