February 4, 2013

Maybe it wasn't the best idea. . .

Traveling down to NYC and back today, that is.  Six hours riding in the car was a bit much.  Sitting that long is really difficult in that it puts too much pressure on my colon and really bothers it.  On the way back, I needed to lie down in the back seat on my side to relieve the pressure and get my body into a straight-line position.  I have the same problem at work, sitting at my desk for so long.  At least at work, though, I can get up and walk around (and sometimes even take a break lying down on the floor).  When I was lying in the back seat, I focused on deep breathing and ended up falling asleep.  That was my reprieve.  My favorite part of my reprieves is the few moments when I'm waking.  My mind always seems to awaken before my body, so even when I'm in bad shape, I generally have a few minutes of clear-thinking and feeling good before my body wakes up and remembers it's supposed to be misbehaving.

Anyway. . . the visit was interesting.  It ended up being an eight-hour day for a 20-minute interview.  I felt like I did my part as a good mum.  Julian had never had an interview in his life, and this was to be the first.  On the way down, I went over with him what I suspected he might be asked, we reviewed possible responses, talked about what types of things to focus on, etc.  After his interview, he said he hadn't been asked anything that we hadn't discussed, so he was well-prepared for all of it.  Yay!  It probably wasn't the greatest trip to get anyone excited about this school, as it was particularly hustle bustle, and we ended up not having a chance to do ANYTHING besides finding our way to the school, finding parking, and then finding our way back out of the city and back home before bedtime.  I wish we had had a chance to spend the night and tour the school and such, but not this time I guess.  

And it was kind-of funny in that we were certainly the minority today.  Julian says that one of the things he likes the most about Macaulay is its diversity.  I think from their perspective, though, a lily white redhead from upstate would be an underrepresented minority.  Julian would be adding to the diversity for them!  :)  What a difference from the other colleges we're looking at. . .

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