February 3, 2013

My soup's appeal

just fell a couple of notches.  Next time, I had better make an "organ sachet".  I can't bring myself to eat them, and I'm feeling nauseous from fishing them out.  Oh my.  SG (7) is not feeling nauseous though.  He is inspecting each and every one of them like it's nobody's business.  Before I had the heart out, he picked up one of the pieces from the counter and said "is this the heart?".  I said "no, I think that might be part of the liver".  He proceeded to take a bite of it.  He didn't even flinch.  I felt a little like vomiting, but I kept it to myself - no reason to squash his inquisitive and adventurous spirit.  

We did find the heart, and he is totally fascinated.  The great big aorta.  Hollow for the blood to flow through.  He pulled it out.  <shaking my head>  He cut the heart apart to carefully examine the chambers.  He sliced it to look at the muscle fibers.  We found the kidneys.  We found what we believe to  be the lungs (all of our favorite, by the way).  He was eager to find the brains.  I was glad they weren't included.  I think the entire neck came apart and is now just part of the soup.  I wish it weren't.  

DH said he thought the boiled skin would be nutritious for me to eat.  I am so not eating it.

In fact, I cannot eat any of the soup tonight.  Hopefully, by tomorrow, this activity will be far enough behind me so that I can.  This is what might save me? 

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  1. LOLOL I am cracking up because I would feel the SAME WAY! ;)